Bigger, Cheaper, Faster Data in the Cloud

June 30, 2015 Civis Analytics

We’ve had a great week here at Civis. Since Monday, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary, made a splash at Technori, spoke at the Amazon Web Services summit, and launched the new Civis platform, an easy-to-use, end-to-end, powerful and customizable, data science platform in the Amazon cloud.

The New York Times had this to say about our launch:

“The kind of data science that worked for President Obama is coming to cloud computing, and working at a speed faster than the president ever saw.
Civis Analytics, which is presenting the service at an AWS event in Chicago, says it can eliminate much of the time and cost associated with figuring out things like marketing campaigns, much as it found and targeted likely Obama voters.

“In a presidential campaign, the outcome is an action,” said Dan Wagner, the founder and chief executive of Civis. “Companies want to do much the same thing.”
The company’s selling point is in adapting the services to generalized cloud tools, in particular the AWS Redshift data analysis service, to handle big analysis tasks with little of the customization otherwise required.
Daniel Murray, the vice president for data services at Ethical Electric, said that using this kind of automation saved the company from having to hire at least three expensive engineers.

“It put us a year ahead of our plans” in finding customers, he said.

Other customers include Airbnb and Boeing.
Civis may be taking [the move to automate data science and make it accessible to a broader public] further with its automation and speed. This is also something of a win for AWS, which has recently been promoting its own prediction services.

One of Civis’s board members, as well as an investor in the company, is Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman. […] Mr. Schmidt said, the kind of analysis that Civis offers will most likely affect much of the advertising and marketing business. “They have an unfair share of smart people,” he said.””

With the fanfare of the launch, the summit, and the media coverage starting to simmer down, our unfair share of smart people are excited to get back to work democratizing data science and making the Civis platform even better. Read the full press release or take it for a spin.

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