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April 9, 2015 Civis Analytics

Data sets are growing rapidly. But in spite of this abundance of data, most organizations are still struggling to leverage all of it to understand their customers, figure out new markets, build their operations, and more. Data is the key to making these decisions effectively, but that data is buried deep in dozens of unconnected systems. There’s too much latency as data moves from point to point. Teams are stuck working at the lowest common denominator of their infrastructure. Resources and time are limited, but teams everywhere are struggling to use this incredible resource to become truly data-driven. It’s a mess.

Good data science is completely impossible with the IT infrastructure in place in most organizations today, and they know it.

The cutting-edge data science that Civis Analytics’ clients need in order to run their organizations smarter involves huge datasets, computationally-intensive algorithms, and breakneck timelines. So when Civis Analytics set out to build the tools underneath our data science product and services offerings, we had to have a data warehouse solution that could handle everything needed for advanced data science now and in the future. And importantly, we knew we needed it in the cloud so that it could serve both the largest and smallest organizations out there and so that on-demand pricing could enable Civis and its customers to experiment with new ideas without having the hurdle of sunk costs. We found what we needed when we selected Amazon Redshift as the lynchpin of our technology, supplemented with EC2, DynamoDB, EMR and the other products available through Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Traditional, legacy data warehouses require significant time, specialized knowledge, and substantial resources to administer. The cost of building and maintaining self-managed, on-premise data warehouses is very high. But Amazon Redshift is a fully-managed data warehouse solution in the cloud built for analytics, so it’s fast, simple, scalable, and cost effective. As Civis expands, we easily bring up new Redshift databases in matters of hours. AWS services like DynamoDB, RDS, and EMR are also critical tools in our toolbox — whether we need quickly process transactions, scan giant amounts of data, or leverage computing power to run some of our most complex modeling algorithms.

The technology foundation that AWS provides allows Civis Analytics to put powerful, data-driven decision-making into the hands of our customers. We’re bringing data science to the world with a robust offering of applied data science services layered on Civis’ rapidly growing set of powerful technology products. First, Civis Analytics helps customers to unify and normalize their disparate data sources, simplifying and automating data housekeeping. We then help teams to put their data science skills to work building powerful predictive models, collaborating around data as a unified team, and using that collective insight to make strong data driven decisions which drive their organization forward.

Amazon’s inexpensive and nimble data and computing solutions simultaneously have the power and scalability to tackle some of the world’s most complex data-wrangling challenges. AWS has provided us with the wide variety of services Civis needs to do great data science and we have assembled them into a data science platform for both startups and enterprises alike. That’s why we’re proud to be Advanced Analytics partners.

The world’s best data science teams run on Civis Analytics.
Civis Analytics runs on AWS.

Written by Dan Chuparkoff

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