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July 18, 2014 Brian Gill

We are a community of engineers, data scientists, and statisticians, and are looking to add to our growing team. We are smart, fun, and a little bit weird. If this sounds like you and you’ve already submitted an application, here are some tips for next steps in our process.

I submitted my application! Now what?

Wonderful! Our hiring leads review every application. If you’re a good fit, you’ll be contacted by our Growth Manager with next steps, either a position-specific exam or phone interview. Most of our exams take four hours and are intended to show your approach to work as well as the right answer. If your performance is strong, we’ll invite you to Civis in Chicago or DC for an in-person interview. You can meet us in-person, and we can tell you a little more about the work we do.

How can I study for my interview or exam?

In terms of the interview, we’re interested in your skills and how they apply to Civis: have you worked with data before? How have you used it to solve a real-world problem? We also hope you’re familiar with our mission and our work: please review our press clips in advance. Your education and previous work experience should give you all the skills you need.

Why does your interview process include an exam?

We believe in quantifying results and use our exams to remove some of the bias inherent in interview processes. We’re also eager to find good matches for our open positions ““ the exams are a big help towards that end.

What should I wear to my in-person interview?

Our office is casual. Wear anything you’d feel comfortable wearing to work.

If I don’t make it through the interview or exam stage, can I reapply?

If appropriate, you might also consider an internship. We’re committed to teaching within our organization and can help you hone your skills.

If I’m offered a position, what are the next steps?

All candidates who receive offers undergo a standard employment and background check.

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