Our way of giving back for Giving Tuesday: Nonprofits, Ask America Anything!

December 1, 2015 Ashley Lagaron

In 2013, I was a disgruntled graduate student (is there any other kind?) fantasizing about leaving academia for the “real world” when I read this New York Times article about companies born out of the Obama campaign. One sentence, about Civis Analytics’ work with The College Board, stuck out to me– “Civis will identify ‘kids who are low-income, high-achieving but not meeting their college potential.'” I thought, one, that work sounds amazing and two, I’m going to apply.

A couple months later, I was working on the College Board project myself, and have since been lucky enough to work with a wide range of our nonprofit clients- from large foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to smaller (and equally awesome) nonprofits like US First. Our nonprofit clients make up a core part of our business, and I am very thankful that I get to work on helping these organizations make data-driven decisions every day.

Therefore, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, we at Civis Analytics have decided to give back to the nonprofit community as a whole by holding a contest to give away some of our expertise (and sweet, sweet survey responses). Starting today, we’re opening submissions for our “Ask America Anything” Contest where one nonprofit organization will win a two-question survey and analysis.

We like to think we are pretty good at surveying (and some other people seem to agree). While we are known for some of our political surveys, we actually run surveys year round on a wide variety of topics for our clients. Even better, anyone can pay to add questions to our rolling survey that we send out weekly to a representative sample of 2,500 Americans. We take care of the survey, the sampling, and the weighting. In just one to two weeks, you get reports (and maps!) on demographic breakdowns for how different types of people answered your question.

In this case, we aren’t asking for money, just a couple sentences on your organization, one or two questions you would ask 2,500 Americans if given the chance, and how you would use that information in 300 words or less. Knowledge is powerful, and having the answers to something you’ve always wondered about can help you make better decisions. So tell us what you’ve been wanting to know.

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in participating, enter your submissions here by December 7, 2015. We will contact a winner by December 14, 2015. Entries will be judged by the appropriateness of questions to your organization’s stated mission and the likelihood that survey responses will be helpful to your organization.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you’d like to Ask America!

Thanks for your interest in the Ask America Anything contest, but as of now the contest has ended. Stay tuned to hear about the winning submission.

Submit your entry

*To read the official rules of the Ask America Anything Contest, please visit http://ideas.civisanalytics.com/ask-america-anything-official-rules.

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