The people behind the people science: How our policies support work-life balance

June 29, 2016 Civis Analytics

With a culture of responsibility, transparency and acceptance, our attention to and appreciation of our employees is in the forefront of our minds. As a growing organization, we work hard but at the same time, we know people have lives outside of the office – from jetting off to explore a new place to major milestones like expanding their family. These are things in life we all cherish and we’ve created policies so that each employee can take the time they need to experience their life holistically.

Flexible vacation policy

Many of our employees are adventurers and world-travellers and our vacation policy was created with that in mind. Jonathan Alvares, who’s taking a two-week long trip to Europe, said he’s thankful for the “supportive team structures that [allow for us] to take the time we need.” We expect and want our employees to take advantage of their vacation time. Akshaya Suresh, an applied data scientist who spent time recently in India with her family, said she “took a full week of vacation earlier this year because I was able to “borrow” from the future.” Our policy is designed to be flexible and encourage you to use your vacation during the year.

Parental leave

To support our employees who are expanding their families, we created a flexible parental leave policy that all full-time employees have access to. We’re proud to offer twelve weeks of continuous paid leave from the time of the birth for birth mothers and four weeks of continuous paid leave from the time of the birth along with an additional 20 days of working from home time within the first year after the birth for non-birth parents. We know that it’s important to have work-life balance and to be able to connect with your family.

While we could go into the reasons we’ve created our policy, we thought it would be best to ask some of our employees what it has meant for their families:

Michael Heilman, Data Scientist

“I’m pretty sure having kids never gets easy, but the first few weeks are really difficult, and I’m really glad that I didn’t have to worry about both family and work during that time. It really helped my family adjust, and since I didn’t have to use up vacation days, we were still able to visit friends and family later in the year for the holidays.”

Christine Campigotto, Applied Data Science Manager

“Truthfully, while I knew that parental leave was important, until I started thinking about having a child, I didn’t put a lot of thought into it! I used to think parental leave was primarily about the parent – when are they ready to go back to work, when is the mother healthy again, etc. Now that I have my own future child to think about, I realize that parental leave is really about the baby – who will be there to take care of them every day and when do they go into daycare? I find myself caring much more about how my decisions will impact our baby, rather than how they impact me personally. I feel really good knowing that Civis wants me to feel comfortable and give me the resources and flexibility that I need to make the right decisions for my family. Everyone, from HR to my colleagues, has been nothing but positive and supportive.”

Saranga Komanduri, Software Engineer

“Paternity leave allowed sufficient time for my wife and I to settle in with our new baby, without feeling rushed or pressured to return to work. The Civis parental leave policy also gave me the flexibility to take time as I needed to help support my family’s needs.”

We love hearing how our employees take advantage of our benefits and are always exploring new ways we can make Civis Analytics a great place to work!

This post was written by Emily Foulkes.

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