Civis Analytics Welcomes Tim O’Reilly to the Board of Directors

July 9, 2015 Scott Trsar


Joining Eric Schmidt as the Company Launches the Civis Data Science Platform

Civis Analytics, the leading data analytics team democratizing data science for businesses and non-profits, today announced Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, joined its Board of Directors. Along with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt – who backed Civis Analytics when it launched in 2013 – Tim will mentor the team as they expand their Applied Data Science advisory services and scale the newly launched Civis data science platform.

While he is best known as the founder of O’Reilly Media, Tim has been a thought leader and catalyst for some of the most important technology developments of the last 20 years – including Open Source, Web 2.0, Civic Technology and the Maker Movement. Today, O’Reilly recognizes a similar movement and aspiration for data science.

O’Reilly first learned of Civis Analytics after being fascinated by the 2012 Obama campaign, where the founding group of Civis data scientists led the campaign’s analytics team and helped change the way modern political campaigns win elections. As part of the Civis Analytics’ Board of Directors, O’Reilly can help Civis bring the same level of data-driven decision-making used in campaigns to businesses and non-profits.

“Tim has made a vast impact across a wide variety of industries, and he understands the unlimited potential of data science,” noted Dan Wagner, Founder and CEO of Civis Analytics. “As a leader in the technology community, Tim will provide invaluable guidance to ensure Civis builds the most impactful data science technology.”

“The advancements in data science are interesting on their own, but what intrigues me most about Civis Analytics is their focus and technology is all directed toward advancing action and engagement at vast scale,” Tim O’Reilly said. “Perhaps most interestingly, is the vision of how to build the Civis data science platform that would democratize data science tools, making it possible for any company to ask smarter questions, build more effective data models, and drive more effective action.”

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About Civis Analytics

Civis Analytics makes data-driven strategy possible for all organizations. Founded in 2013, Civis Analytics was born out of President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. Today, it enables a fast-growing and diverse group of both public and private sector clients to benefit from the power of data. Whether with our services or the Civis data science platform, Civis Analytics unlocks data science for organizations of all sizes with data scientists and analysts of all levels.

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